Globe Trotting By David Chronister

“In the living room I’m cleaning up from top to floor
Place I love the most
Wall is covered up with all my souvenirs
I got from coast to coast
Come and see…” -Around The World Song By Aqua From The Album Aquarius

This weeks design blog post is all about globes. They can bring a space a fun pop of vintage nostalgia, they can be a funky, classy, dressed up with words, a nice statement or symbolic. They show a wanderlust, a dreamy statement. On I found below a cool way to display them in cubbies , how enchanting they seem to add an air of sophistication and whismy at the same time. I also adored that no two were similar in size or look.

Here is a nautical globe that displays the night sky, from ,  I love the black and gold. For the day dreamer in me, I could look at this whenever I felt my inner star gazer craving the constellations.

This globe has shed its continents  for a quote in their stead  from Sir William Shakespear ; the floral print compliments the pale blue and gold quite nicely.

This globe is for your glam side. Some thing bling for bling’s sake. I think its totally pink rock, excessive, loud and fun; But aren’t all the exciting things in life like that?

(pinned from

(pinned from

This globe seems a lot more bohemeian and there for more DIY , simply with white writing (depending how well your penmanship is) but makes a great table statement.

Here is a photo I gleamed from htt://,  I love the white decor mashup with the globe on the table in this sitting room.

This globe from 1worldglobes had such an inspiring description I thought I would share it. The idea to utilize precious stones to forge the continents with was poetic because it literally has a piece from every part of the world:


“Black opalite oceans compliment a colorful mosaic of exquisite gemstones. Each country is comprised of a single gemstone that has been hand cut, polished and inlaid by experienced craftsmen. The charming 24k gold plated semi-meridian stand gives a classic look to this beautiful contemporary globe. A globe that will surely bring a touch of class to your home or office decor.”

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