Old stuff, New Stuff Borrowed Stuff, Blue stuff By David Chronister

Blue is associated with harmony, refreshment, freedom and sadness. In music a Blue note is a note played at a lower pitch than the major scales giving it a melancholy sound, most notably in the the music genre The Blues. Its the color of the ocean and the sky. Hues of blue include Azure, Sapphire, Sky, Cobalt, Royal, Navy, Yale Baby and Iris.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Shades_of_blue) Between 1901-1904, Pablo Picasso painted a monochromatic series brought on by disillusionment and emotional turmoil:

Pabla Picasso Nude

Pabla Picasso Nude

Pablo Picasso Guitar

Pablo Picasso Guitar


Blue is used for for calming, it has been shown that weight lifters lift more in rooms painted in blue. Cardiac wards are blue because the body releases calming chemicals and lowers the blood pressure.(http://www.infoplease.com/spot/colors1.html) Blue is also the color of trust, I recommend wearing it to job interviews. Sick children also prefer to be taken care of by people wearing blue. Blue is also ideal for weight loss, its said to decrease food attraction. Maybe incorporate it in your kitchen decor?! ( http://www.fengshuidana.com/2013/04/08/6-fascinating-facts-about-blue/)

For some bold interiors Blue should be considered for all these facts above. To me Blue is a low energy color. I think it means to decrease stimuli and its effects can be anything from making it a base color for a room to bring the accents and furniture look more bold,(Gold and Navy is always vibrant and powerful):

Blues done in lighter shades can have a dreamy, ethereal look, check out these inspiring murals done by Jorge Aguilar via Home Sick designs .com :

By Jorge Aguilar

By Jorge Aguilar


By Jorge Aguilar

By Jorge Aguilar

Blue, creates trust and perspective, in Logo Design, or Brand representation it can create comfort and refreshment. Here are a few brands that aim their logo’s in Blue:


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