Emerald’s, Sage’s and other Green Thing’s By David Chronister

(photo via PBS.org)

(photo via PBS.org)

Green is my favorite color. It represents nature, earth and new life. Symbolically green can be used equally for greed as well as relaxation. Green’s many shades include Lime, Pine, Emerald, Jade, Pea, Olive or Leafy. It is said that green affects our mood in positive ways, perhaps evolutionary, green reduces our anxiety. Jennifer Bourn’s 2011 article was fascinating on the color in question:http://www.bourncreative.com/meaning-of-the-color-green , Green in popular culture one of my favorite movies as child was The Wizard Of Oz, but my favorite part was the view of the Emerald City:

I think even today I am still inspired by the view of a city-scape because of OZ. Of course who could not forget another famous face of green:

Green seems to be empowering, but subtle at the same time. It can turn something luxurious and understated in one breath. Take Cameron Diaz’s Manhattan Kitchen I spotted on ElleDecor.com, its beautiful and homey, both.( From http://www.elledecor.com/most-popular-elle-decor-rooms-pinterest/most-popular-Cameron-Diaz-manhattan-Kitchen?click=main_sr)


The striking color in Erika Bearman’s South Hampton Home, Erika Bearman known for her exstensive twitter following and social media blogging about her career in fashion and working for Oscar de la Renta, her home  designer Miles Red( http://www.milesredd.com/)

( Designed By Miles Redd)

( Designed By Miles Redd)

(designed by Mileys Redd)

(designed by Mileys Redd)

(Designed by Miles Redd)

(Designed by Miles Redd)

Miles Redd is one of my favorite designers because he is known for his bold sense of color, crayola meets chic, is something I’ve read about his work. I find it absolutely charming.

Here is a room I found via flickr.com with green and blue:

I love the Moroccan elements of course,(My obsession) but also the choice of teal and sky blue to off set the green.

For a Boy’s room here is a cool use of the color, more earthy and relaxing. I especially think that the (Pop-art comic Boards’s are cool)

One of My Favorite uses of green is the combo green and purple:

Green represents prosperity, trust and balance. I find it coordinates well with most of the color spectrum, better cool colors than hot, but pairing it with gold or yellow or even red can be flashy and exciting. Here is Orange and green used two very different ways:

Above the dining room has such a peaceful and dramatic print on the walls, with filligree that it royal blue, so to pair the green with Orange, seems to be playful and young spirited. Here is another use of the same color scheme, for a much younger audience:

As you can see, Green is both a fun and stable color, it makes a good pairing color, and it represents vitality if nothing else. Here are few companies who use the power of green in their Branding:

green-logos (1)


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