BESPOKE, BE BETTER, BE CREATIVE: David Collins, By David Chronister


 courtesy of david-collins-interior-design-dpages-blog-o

courtesy of david-collins-interior-design-dpages-blog-o


adjective \bi-ˈspōk, bē-\

: made to fit a particular person; also : producing clothes that are made to fit a particular person,(Custom made)
      David Collin’s lived by quoting Mies van der Rohe’s  “God is in the details.” As a result he might employ 17 different shades of blue to paint one wall, or commission custom-built furniture and ironmongery. Particular care was always taken over lighting, partly because his mother, Helen, had once complained that lighting was always terrible in restaurants. Yet he aimed not to be too reverential. “The whole experience should be fun,” he insisted.

These three maxim’s are cited as the three goals of infamous designer David Collin’s. An Irish-descendant, London based designer who made his stamp on the world by his strikingly bold interior’s. Having designed many restaurants, hotels and high end retail stores. Everyone, from Madonna to Alexander Mcqueen,  from the Ritz of Bangkok, to many discreet clients internationally.                                                                  david-collins-massimo-restaurant-and-oyster-bar.jpg



David Collin’s custom made many furnishings when working, seeking out the right fixtures which if none appealed he would commission a new design personally.(hand designed furnishings-  custom foot stool below.)

Blue was his favorite color, as seen above, David Collins often dressed in blue and its stated that blue was the color of his room in childhood.Later he would design  the Blue Bar at the Berkeley Hotel:

Blue Bar Berkely Hotel Photo from

Blue Bar Berkely Hotel
Photo from

The youngest of four children, David Collins was born on March 1 1955 in Dublin, David initially pursued a career in law but do to the extremity of the studies and requirements in Latin he pursued architecture instead. Soon he began design commercially, most notably for a friend of Madonna’s and eventually many, many shops in London. Collin’s really wanted initially to work in fashion but interior’s allowed him the architecture and style which was his passion. Not straying far from the fashion industry though he did create shops for Alexander Mcqueen & Jimmy Choo.  His personal style clearly showed his flair for fashion often dressing in his favorite color,Blue.

Amusingly enough, Collin’s wouldn’t have ever dipped his foot in the interiors pool if he hadn’t been ask by a friend to work on their home. Having little experience when he put together the interior with much success. An acquaintance of that friend, Chef Pierre Koffmann who owned  La Tante Claire, on Royal Hospital Road in Chelsea, a restaurant  in need of refurbishment would be his first commercial interior project eventually leading him to start his his eponymous firm in 1985. His work was heavily inspired by the 1920’s and his love of rich materials, custom fabric and striking colors.

David Collin’s was successful for a myriad of reasons, because he was a perfectionist,  because never designed to what a critic might say was outdated, and because he was fully committed to his own unique perspective. More importantly,  he paid attention.  He knew how lighting affected a public atmosphere, how textures set tones, selling his special, glamorous style while delivering it refined and simplified. Few people effect the world on such a large scale. David Collins left an elegant legacy. He died recently, July 17,2013,  from skin cancer unaware he was in the late stages of the illness.

Design is Art and Commerce. Its finding the true style for the space you are working on. David Collin’s mastered the craft of design in a given interior while sharing a private perspective on color, fabric and functionality. He lived by all three objectives of the David Collin’s studio:BESPOKE, BE BETTER, BE CREATIVE.

Rest in peace David Collins

 ( by  Ben Stewart,,, See also-

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3 Responses to BESPOKE, BE BETTER, BE CREATIVE: David Collins, By David Chronister

  1. Rebecca Gillego says:

    There is so much to learn from David Collins. Not only was he a talented designer, but he knew the importance of presentation. He dressed impeccably and understood the art of networking. Great job on the Blog David!

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