Art and It’s Alchemy by David Chronister

I was first given a copy of The Alchemist by Paul Coelho in late 2012. I was at a major crossroads in my life and the co-worker that had given me a copy was also an artist. I had recently left a job as a lead merchandiser and essentially was working part-time at another department store. I was three months shy of turning 28. I had been working and on my own since I was 16. I had done everything from flip burgers, work in a diner at a truck stop, cashier at Wal-greens, wait tables, dog train and clean offices at night. Needless to say I was very industrious but not focused. If you’re not familiar with the book, SPOILER ALERT* It’s about a boy in pursuit of his dream. (My very personal dream was to make Art. I just want to paint and write and sketch and sculpt. That is who I am. The other stuff was to pay my bills and at the time, buy my cigarettes; I quit.) The book is about a young Andalusian shepherd named Santiago who has a dream while sleeping in chapel about finding treasure that will make him rich beyond his measure. He dreams of the pyramids and sets off on this quest. Tempted by love, fortune and other side roads along the way he is given many temptations to give up. In the end though he makes it all the way to the pyramids only to get robbed. One of the robbers tells him of the chapel where he dreamed great treasure was. Bringing us to where Santiago originally had begun. As an artist becoming a designer felt like a box. As if sharing my creativity with others, for others, would leave none of the magic left for me. In fact the opposite was true: in designing and being creative in service, collaboration, under commission, my talents are nourished, challenged, multiplied. Honored. Had I never searched, worked, struggled all to find my path I would have never realized I had the dream staring me in the face all along. Here are three designers who never started out in design that inspire me, I will be blogging on each of them in my up coming posts:                                              936full-tom-fordcn_image_1.size.nate-berkus-calico-corners-01-portraitDavid-collines-interior-designer-43(Tom ford photo courtesy of, Nate berkus photo courtesy of:  Design guru Nate Berkus. Photo: Rainer Hosch , David Collin’s photo courtesy: ( RIP David Collin’s much respect and condolences)

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