3-D Printing how far and wide can it go?

CrayonCreatures_05 (1)

Scribble into 3d figurine! So cool!

It seems the scope of our imagination is only limited by the medium in which we choose. We know this especially as artists. The more proficient we are at our craft the more our creativity seems boundless. So what do you make of 3d printing technology? When literally any thought or visual can be realized in three dimensions?I have to admit I’m a little obsessed. Several mind blowing examples of this craze are whimsical, interesting and life altering.Taken from  YI CHEN for PSFK  on http://mashable.com/2013/01/07/crayon-creatures/ You can turn your childrens scribbles into three dimensional tiny sculpturesFor about $130, Crayon Creatures,  : CrayonCreatures_mermaidCrayonCreatures_Hamster  

What about 3d printed casts for broken bones? In a post by Neha Prakash titled A New Way to Heal Broken Bones: 3D-Printed Casts, Jake Evill recent graduate of Victoria University in New Zealand, wants to update the process of healing of broken limbs with something a little more modern: 3D printing.3dcast

It seems the more we advance the more unlimited our imaginations will be. Will you be familiarizing yourself as 3d printing becomes more accessible?


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